Founded in 1979, Waterson Corp. has been engaging in international trade of various special fasteners cold forging accessories. Beginning in 1989, we invested to construct a well-equipped factory for launching production in OEM parts, while simultaneously starting our R&D center for new products. Our efforts paid off later in 1991 when Waterson successfully marketed the SAFLOK Quick Coupler design, the SAFLOK Couplers always make the best safety guarantee for all people and environment; it also helped to resolve on-site work safety issues existing since long. We went on to establish a investment casting factory in 1993 and started self-manufacturing the rough blank, in order to shorten the time needed for raw material supply while fully meeting quality requirements.

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Waterson Closer Hinges

Waterson stainless steel closer hinges are easily adjustable to meet ADA & ICC A117.1 requirements for opening force and closing speed, as well as being UL-listed for 3-hour fire rated doors. Our hinges are quiet, secure, and suitable for interior and exterior openings, including some of the harshest environments.


Waterson Swing Clear Self-Closing Hinges

The Swing Clear Self-Closing Hinges by Waterson herald a new era in accessibility. Our L-leaf blade design ensures wider opening angles and an efficient self-closing feature. As Baby Boomers age, and ADA compliance is critical, our hinges are transforming lives by adding safety, door space and convenience. Compliant with 3-hour fire rating and ADA requirements, these hinges facilitate door opening with under 5lbs of force and a controlled closing time over five seconds. Architects appreciate the combination of compliance and aesthetics. Easy installation results in cost savings on maintenance and setup. Waterson’s steel hinges embrace sustainability, being recyclable and utilizing 70% fewer materials than conventional options. Waterson Swing Clear Hinges represent the future of door accessibility by merging innovation, user-focused design, safety, and eco-sustainability.