SHUTER Enterprise Co. Ltd

We have good experience in designing industrial sorting containers for 45 years. There are 27 kinds of drawers and more than 100 cabinets which can meet every customer’s needs in our product line. We have a powerful R&D team and excellent manufacturing staff to produce high quality products. We are always proud of using first-class materials which can extend product life cycle with grease-proof durability.

We are specialized in Industrial Sorting Containers, Household Containers, Office Furniture & Cabinets, and Stationery Organizers. With more than 30 years’ experience, we have over 2300 products. Therefore, we have complete product lines.

There are 15 staff in the R&D Department. We can provide OEM & ODM services. That’s why we do OEM and ODM for B&Q, OFFICE WORK, The Container Store, C&B, ACE etc.


Craftsman Stackable Tool Box

The “TB-1 Craftsman Stackable Tool box” with a systematic stacking structure and durability, and an excellent flat and open storage space, which is convenient for finding and organizing objects. The cabinet design blends meticulous craftsmanship and firm texture, showing excellent weight resistance and toughness, suitable for stacking and easier integration of various hand tools and precision instruments, and the humanized design that can be easily used regardless of whether it is placed flat or upright. The birth of TB-1 solves problems in the use of toolboxes: the flat design of the box body, expand accessory storage and load, and increase the versatility of tools.


Heavy duty stackable 2-drawer toolbox

TB-2D, a series of heavy-duty toolboxes for craftsmen, has obtained the world’s unique “0.5-second quick buckle” invention patent. The appearance designed as container shapes is easy to stack. The modular system toolbox is superimposed and reorganized. Come with reinforced plastic and metal accessories, this classic SHUTER black and red color shines with restrained and charming brilliance. The series mainly focuses on high-load quick buckle storage, double-drawing slide rail toolbox TB-2D (2023), and the front design is a zigzag wide and high-sensitivity.