Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd.

Renouvo was founded in 2018 with a core technology of converting agricultural waste into biomass materials and making home compostable packaging that are successfully exported globally, our low-carbon recycling economy concept has expanded globally. 

Since its establishment, it has not only won a number of international awards, but also plays an important role in the recycling economy, environmental sustainability, and its influence Our influence has expanded globally.


Plant Fiber Straw

Renouvo focuses on converting agricultural waste into low-carbon biomaterials through research and development. The primary concept involves transforming these waste materials into naturally decomposable “sugarcane straws,” avoiding disposal methods like burial or incineration that increase environmental costs. Following BSI assessment, each straw has a carbon emission of only 2.83 grams. This innovation aims to address the persistent issue of plastic pollution. By extending the life cycle of resources, renouvo hopes to reverse the linear production that depletes Earth’s resources and promote a circular economy that efficiently utilizes resources.


Plant fiber Cutlery

Sugarcane cutlery is based on the concept of “Circular Economy”, through the recycling of waste materials, agricultural wastes gain new value and live in a new form in our three meals and diets. The tableware has passed the EU OK compost HOME certification, is easy to reuse and has passed the BSI inventory with a carbon emission of 14.67 grams per piece, which ensures that it meets the demand without damaging the earth’s usable resources, and can be naturally decomposed and returned to the nature in a composting environment at the end of the product’s life, and even if it needs to be incinerated at the end, the carbon emission is still reduced by more than 30% compared to traditional plastics.