MicroBase Technology Corp.

MicroBase Technology Corporation was founded in 1997 it has devoted 26 years to the technology research and development of “non-silicon based MEMS” to deeply model LIGA MEMS. It has the excellent R&D team in the industry and has become Taiwan’s non-silicon based MEMS. We have more than 450 core patents.

We develop a drug delivery technology platform based on two core technologies “Excimer Laser” and “Micro Molding”. Provide customers with a microneedle technology platform for transdermal drug delivery and a micro-atomization technology platform for inhalation drug delivery, develop different drug delivery technology platforms and related product applications, continue to move towards becoming a professional technology solution company, and provide comprehensive entrusted development CDMO service.


GOCare Hands-Free Nebulizer

Pocket Air’s GoCare Hands-Free Nebulizer offers the convenience of hands-free treatment, enabling you to multitask, such as replying to emails or watching videos. With an operational noise level below 23 decibels, it is quiet enough to use without waking a sleeping child. Weighing a mere 74 grams, it boasts a MMAD of under 5μm, ensuring efficient delivery deep into the lung’s respiratory tract.