Mediland Enterprise Corporation

Established in 1984, Mediland is one of the major medical equipment manufacturers in Taiwan with manufacturing facilities

in Taiwan and China. It has been the agent of GE Medical and has successful and rich sales experience in imaging medical equipment. At present, it

specializes in the production of exam light, surgical light, operating table, pendant, OR integration system, and UVC light disinfection robot.

Mediland was also the agent of worldwide leading medical equipment suppliers. With decades of professional medical equipment experience, Mediland has

a complete distribution network in the medical industry. Mediland is a brand that fully represents the spirit of “made in Taiwan”. We continue to strive for

technological innovation and product upgrade and actively expand distribution network as we seek to create and deliver the perfect and extensive OR

solution for our global partner.


Hyper Light Disinfection Robot E Series

Hyper Light Disinfection Robot E Series is a lightweight specially designed for small, narrow spaces and aisle environments. The effective UVC light with a wavelength of 254 nm can inhibit more than 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, molds and spores in just 5 minutes! Whether it is a small clinic, hotel room, minibus, restaurant box or airplane aisle, it can continuously eliminate harmful germs and disinfect high-touch surfaces of the environment and keep it safe and clean. Its directional or omnibearing disinfection modes for different space situations, which can be focused on the target area disinfection and maximize UVC dosage and germicidal efficacy. The grip with connecting rod enables high mobility of connecting multiple devices to achieve simultaneous and fast and effortless movement. Users can use the intuitive tablet control system with user-friendly interface for wireless operation to disinfection; the data and record can be downloaded and recalled to confirm the completion of disinfection procedure. Digital UVC dosimeter can quickly confirm the UVC output dose and confirm that the measurement position has been effectively disinfected.