Maktar Inc.

Maktar Inc. is a global consumer electronics company that focuses on the research, design, and manufacturing of smart phone peripherals that are Apple MFi certified and integrate software and hardware.

The philosophy behind product design is to simplify complex functions with intuitive design and interfaces, making technology products easy to use and solving various problems. The goal is to “integrate technology into everyday habits” without the need for excessive operations or deliberate learning, making it easy for users to solve problems effortlessly.

Maktar ensures that their products meet the Apple MFi certification standards, also serve as professional advisors to manufacturing plants to obtain Apple MFi product manufacturing qualifications. This guarantees that every link in the design and manufacturing process is secure and provides peace of mind to consumers.


Qubii Duo

Backing up your phone should be as easy. Connect the Qubii between the charger and the cable, and charge the mobile phone every day to backup your photos. Qubii subverts the traditional manual backup method, and perfectly integrates the backup action design into your daily living habits.


Nukii Next Generation Intelligent Flash Drive

USB flash drives lack security locking mechanisms in up to 95% of cases, making important data into danger. Nukii offers automatic data protection with its built-in locking feature. Using patented NFC sensing unlock technology, it eliminates the need for complex decryption processes. Users can easy unlock Nukii with their personal smartphone.Through Nukii App enables managing accounts for secure team collaboration.