With over 40 years of experience in the surveillance industry, LILIN is the first ONVIF-compliant camera manufacturer and expert with leading achievements in video transmission and analysis technology.

LILIN integrates AIoT applications, edge computing, and security equipment into a total solution for cross-industry applications in industrial and commercial environments such as construction, transportation, shipping, ports, military, retail, office premises, schools, banks, entertainment venues, and factories, as well as adapting product capabilities to meet public facility needs in line with government strategies.


Lilin IMU Shockproof Camera

The world’s first high magnification optical zoom camera with 4K resolution, AI, and IMU anti-vibration function that automatically tracks and identifies objects in severe driving conditions. For example, when a police car moves, the image clarity might worsen due to vibration. LILIN IMU AI Camera provides the 4K high-resolution clear image through hardware and software anti-vibration function, successfully recognises license plate directly on the camera, and connects to back-end applications (such as law enforcement systems) without additional hosts. LILIN IMU AI Camera makes the hi-tech law enforcement structure more flexible and simpler.