Kuonao Co.,Ltd. was established in 1973 and specializes in new product developing, producing and selling. There are over 70 cases of products with patent are commercialize successfully.

We offer the professional tutorials and full services to the enterprises. We are also the first ODM & OBM “Development & Incubate” organization in Taiwan. Base on the needs of each enterprise, we offer different innovation, development and marketing strategies.

Recently, Kuonao is focus on new health care products invention and development. We are expecting to expand the health care product market share in Asia, Europe and United States in near future.

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Lumbar Support Adjustable Cushion

The lumbar support cushion with the patented multi-stage adjustment device can fit your lumbar and hips to improve posture, to relieve fatigue and to keep beauty and health. Application Patented multi-stage adjustment device design makes the curvature of the seat can be expanded or shrunk to fit diverse body types and to support of the pelvis, lumbar and back completely. The product follow by 3D body human design, it can take the natural contour shape of you back and curve perfectly and provide comfortable lumbar support, so as to soothe your fatigue. Ergonomic design, easy to carry and can be use anytime or anywhere to make you more comfortable and healthier. *Separate from the “fixed” cushions in the general market, and improve the defects of non-adjustable products.* Surface cloth (82% far infrared)


Smart health technology pillow

Smart health technology pillow [IBCP] is the best Smart health technology pillow created after eight years of research and development. It uses exclusive negative pressure static balance technology and does not require electricity; it can automatically pump and release air into the pillow. When lying down, the pillow will automatically detect the weight of the head and adjust itself to the most comfortable height for the user, and memorize the user’s preferences. There is an air control button on the side, which provides 16 levels of softness and hardness options to provide comfort regardless of whether the user is sleeping on the back or on the side. The outer cloth cover is made of top-grade Tencel material, the pillow core is made of high-density hydrophilic memory foam, which can completely support the head, shoulders and neck, and the airbag is made of TPU which is a fabric that can adhere to skin contact perfectly to reduce noise generation. The most meticulous care, more than just your best mate but your lover in bed.