We focuse to the field of “optics and vision”, especially the core technology development of “embedded AI system”; platforms, data mining and analysis, are all in our camera-based recognition categories. The application of database and AI algorithm has many years of practical experience in collaborative design with car manufacturers and world-class Tier1 & well-known ODM; and customers are all over the world like Germany, Japan, and the US and so on.

Based on the YOLOR object detection algorithm, we have developed a brand-new algorithm to perform multi-tasking operations with limited computing resources and perform fast and real-time processing. and can also connect to the cloud.

The new-generation AI-ADAS system it has also formally collaborated with car manufacturers to design and develop the integration of different sensors, and a more forward-looking as AI control and decision-making algorithms, hoping to become a part of the autonomous driving supply chain in the future.


DMS 4.0 (Driver behavior Monitoring System)

The system is mounted on the upper A-pillar, offering a seamlessly integrated look. It combines a camera and ECU, and includes a speaker for notification sounds. With built-in WiFi for TBOX connectivity, it supports new feature content via OTA updates. Additionally, the eye-tracking feature monitors the driver’s eyes, enlarging or brightening the displays when the driver looks at DRVM or CMS spots, making it ideal for smart cockpit applications.