AVer Information Inc.

AVer Information Inc. was founded in January 2008. It is a global provider of intelligent education and smart video collaboration solutions, including visualizers, mobile device charging solutions, and distance learning systems. Our operations currently cover the branding, design, R&D, manufacturing and global marketing of these products in over 100 countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on developing cutting-edge products that innovatively integrate video technology, electronics, optics, RF/wireless technology, software applications and industrial design. Thanks to our wealth of technical and design expertise, we has received over 260 patents covering a comprehensive range of technologies.


4K Dual Lens PTZ Video Bar

With a streamlined design, dual 4K lenses, seamless lens switching, upgraded audio technology, and simple setup, the VB350 is the ultimate all-in-one solution for next-level video meetings. Level up to premium audio and video by using this powerful new video bar in your mid-to-large conference rooms.