Founded in 1975, Sun Own INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was one of world’s best manufactures in EVA water sport products in early years. In 1984 Sun Own built its own brand “ATUNAS”, focusing on Outdoor & Travel products and also distributing international leading outdoor brands. Now ATUNAS have become the leading brand of outdoor Apparel & Equipment in Taiwan. 

Our products include EVA water sport products, fitness products, waterproof apparels, down & soft-shell apparels, hiking shoes, outdoor gears…etc. In the past 47 years, ATUNAS not only focus on providing great products and services, but also making effort on CSR, such as recycling the manufacturing waste, sponsorship for mountain hiking expedition and so on…ATUNAS can make the world better by our actions.


All Love Eco-Circular Shirts Collection

Atunas first Launched 100% recyclable/ Circular / reusable, from cradle to cradle MIT apparels. With unique feature that the entire garment, including the fabric, labels, zippers, buttons, sewing threads, and printing inks, is seamlessly integrated into a single material. This eliminates the need for manual sorting and classification, allowing for direct recycling and reprocessing.


Oceanwave Eco-Friendly Bodyboard Collection

Oceanwave Eco-Friendly Bodyboard is made of the recycled plastic pellets which certificated by Global Recycled Standard and the pre-consuming foam residuals from the producing process, provides a better choice toward the ocean environment.