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“Alaska” is Taiwan’s top choice for ventilation and air exchange, recognized for its quality and technology by major Japanese OEM manufacturers. With the most comprehensive product line, it meets various needs and is endorsed by professionals such as plumbers and technicians.

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VIVI Air Circulator

The characteristic of the VIVI wall fan is the minimalist design. 1. Easy and fast to assemble. For installation, it can be installed on the wood or cement wall by general screws and electric drills. 2. Folding design is perfect for tight spaces. VIVI can be completely folded flat on the wall if not use it. 3. Up and down, left to right 180 degree accessible. VIVI obtained unlimited direction of airflow through the patented structure and the design of the swirl shaped cover. The air circulation is always wherever you need. It shows the unique features of VIVI from the texture to air circulation.

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M8 Mini Anti-bacterial circulator

The Two–in- one Mini anti-bacteria circulator & purifier–M8, equipped with compact 8″ fan blade, which can move air up to 8M, as well as minimum power consumption of 2W, the fan is superior to other commercially circulating fans of the same size. The air entering the fan is effectively sterilized, purified and odor removed by the exclusive PLASMA purifying technology. According to SGS test report, the bacteria concentration removal rate is 91% and PM2.5 removal rate is 82.5%, so that every corner is full of the pure natural wind.