Acerpure Inc.

Founded in 1976, today Acer is one of the world’s top ICT companies and has a presence in over 160 countries. As Acer looks into the future, it is focused on enabling a world where hardware, software and services will infuse with one another to open up new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. From service-oriented technologies to the Internet of Things to gaming and virtual reality, Acer’s 7,000+ employees are dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of products and solutions that break barriers between people and technology. 

Acerpure Inc. is a subsidiary of Acer Group. Since the establishment of acerpure, it has always seen “Improving Human Quality of Life” as its important corporate mission. The company is dedicated to providing all sorts of high-efficiency and high-intelligent purifying technological products. Please visit for more information.


Aspire Vero Eco-Friendly Green PC

Aspire Vero features OceanGlass™ touchpad, which is made from ocean-bound plastic. Like prior models, both new Aspire Vero’s chassis utilize 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, which is durable and rigid and saves 21% in carbon emissions for the production of the chassis. The laptop’s screen bezel uses 30% PCR plastic and the keycaps use 50% PCR plastic, further reducing the computer’s footprint, while no paint is used on the chassis. To extend the lifespan, the process of making repairs and upgrades is easy with a bottom cover that’s easily removed with standard screws for replacing the RAM and SSD. Powered by the newest 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors it is an Intel Intel® Evo candidate to help take on productive needs while staying energy efficient. Supported with WIFI 6E, two USB 3.2 Type-A Gen1 ports, and a Type C Thunderbolt 4 port, offering amazing user experiences while making your green mark our planet.